Favorite Hillsound BTR Tripod Stool Fits in My Fishing Vest

Spending a full day on the river, fly fishing, wading and walking, means this old girl’s legs get tired. So when I stop to change a fly, fix a tangle or have a snack, you’ll find me sitting on my favorite fishing accessory, a Hillsound BTR Stool.

Just being able to sit down and take the weight off my legs for a few minutes is enough to get me re-energized and onto the next trout.

Some of the guys probably think I should stay home if I can’t hack a full day’s walking and wading.

But fly fishing is what keeps me young and active in my 60s. l do whatever I need to help me enjoy this great sport.

The Hillsound BTR tripod stool

I chose this stool because it is:

Ultra lightweight

It weighs 12.2 oz (346 g). That’s less than a pint of water.


It’s easy to set up and pack down.


When folded down, the stool is only 11.4″ (29 cm) high and 3″ (7.5 cm) in diameter. There is a bungee cord to hold it all together when not in use. 


The stool has a magic catch so that when the tripod legs are rotated to open, the stool locks into place. It’s called the PhantomLock™


The stool is manufactured from Aluminum Alloy 7001 with a nylon mesh seating area. It will carry a person up to 240 lbs (110kg).


The triangular-shaped nylon mesh seat top fits my butt perfectly.

The seat’s height, while low to the ground, is perfect for my short legs. (If you’re tall, you would probably prefer the taller model.)

The total height of the Hillsound BTR stool, when set up, is 14″ (35 cm) which is fine for me, but there is also a taller version at 17″ (43cm).

For many of us, evolution has taken away the ability to squat, and there the right shaped rock is never where you need it That’s why the Hillsound BTR stool is the next best thing.

How to carry a tripod stool when fly fishing

The stool fits inside my fly fishing vest or my small fly fishing backpack. I also carry a Hydrapak Stow – Collapsible Water Bottle, snacks, spare reel, and fly boxes.

Because the Hillsound BTR tripod stool is so tiny and lightweight, I never decide to leave it behind.

The one day I decided to leave it at home, I regretted it as by the end of the day, I was exhausted. I really missed having a comfortable place to eat my sandwich.

Why is it called the BTR stool?

BTR stands for BETTER THAN a ROCK!

I love it!

Hillsound gear is designed chiefly for mountain climbers and hikers.

There are other stools on the market, but they are all heavier and far less compact.

I checked them out, but none of them would fit neatly inside the drink pocket of my backpack or inside my fishing vest.

Also don’t go without these when fly fishing

Safety is essential on the river, so two items go with me everywhere (as well as my Hillsound BTR stool).

Emergency whistle

My emergency whistle is attached to the front of my fly fishing vest or Mont-Bell backpack, within easy reach.

There is always a chance that I could slip and fall. In which case, I want my emergency whistle on hand to call out to my fishing buddy.

I’m now onto my second whistle. The first one was soon replaced when I realized my hubby couldn’t hear me.

My advice is to get the loudest one you can purchase so that you can be heard above the rush of the river.

Wading Staff or Hiking Pole

I don’t go anywhere without a wading pole. I use it when wading the river but also when walking the riverbank.

There is a massive lift in my confidence when I know I can easily navigate the river current.

I want to focus on fishing rather than worrying about whether I can cope with the conditions.

Now, that doesn’t mean I’m up to my waist or armpits in water, but even wading up to my knees can be hard work, especially when there are slippery rocks.

A wading pole or hiking stick is an essential piece of equipment.

The women I fish with use a wading staff or hiking pole, both on and off the water.

The guys tend to use a wading staff only for wading. Maybe they think it’s not cool to use a pole, but believe me, it helps a lot.

Here's my 6 Point Checklist for Choosing a Wading Staff for a Woman.

Hydrapak Collapsible Water Bottle

Having lightweight gear is really important for me.

That is why the Hydrapak Stow – Collapsible Water Bottle is my first choice for a ultralight & packable travel bottle/ squeeze bag pouch.

I have used a collapsable water bottle for many years when backpacking or traveling light for weeks at a time with carry-on only luggage .

The Hydrapack bottle is the best so far. It is durable so has lasted better than any of the other brands.

The flat shape fits anywhere, doesn’t roll around, and doesn’t mind being squeezed into a pocket.

It comes with a flip top cap to keep it clean and a bail handle which I can use to secure the bottle to my pack with a carabiner clip.

Making Decisions of What’s Best for You

There is a lot of gear to acquire when you get into fly fishing and some decisions are unique to us women.

So I’ve written some articles, especially for women starting out in fly fishing.

First is the rod. Here I’ve written about choosing a rod.

And then there’s wading. Here’s  A Beginner’s Guide to Wading

Here’s one on choosing the right neoprene wading socks.

There is always more to learn, and I’m still a newbie.

Fly fishing is great fun and excellent for my mental and physical well-being. But best of all, I am making fantastic friends.

The Hillsound BTR tripod stool is one of the best things I’ve purchased in the past year, which is why I wanted to share it with you.