Which Replacement Batteries for Happijac Remote Control?

Finding out which batteries I needed for the Happijac remote control wasn’t high on my list when getting our new Northstar truck camper on the road. That was until the remote stopped working.

The Happijac remote control requires 2 AA batteries. The batteries are replaced by removing the 6 phillips screws on the back of the remote control.  Once new batteries are fitted, the remote control’s small indicator light near the top will shine green. 

Luckily, I carry AA batteries in my spares kit we were quickly able to get the camper onto the truck camper and away. 

Now I know which batteries to fit, but what else should I know before hitting the road.

How do I know if my remote control batteries are working?

There is a small indicator light at the top of the second row of buttons on the remote. 

Normal operation happens when the light is green. 

A red light indicates the batteries are flat. 

Other causes for the loss of the indicator light include a bad connection or a blown fuse.  

Replace the batteries first and turn the unit back on before checking for other issues. 

Which batteries are best for my Happijac Remote Control?

Lithium batteries are rated the best for use in remote controls.  

They have the best shelf life and are rated best for moderate and high-drain devices.

The Happijac remote control is only used to put on and remove your truck camper, which may mean there is a long time between uses.  However, when you do use them, there is a high drain on your remote.  

Lithium batteries can have a 20-year storage lifespan which is excellent for use in a remote control that isn’t used every day. 

Lithium batteries, unlike other types of batteries, work in all temperatures (from -40°C to 60°C). 

Lithium batteries are lightweight (30% lighter than alkaline batteries).

Can I use rechargeable AA batteries in my Happijac Remote Control?

Technically, yes.  

However, the rechargeable AA batteries are NiMH (Nickel-Metal Hydride), which means they discharge when not in use. 

NiMH batteries can lose up to 5% of their power in a day, and up to 40% in a month. (More in warm weather). 

As you won’t be using your Happijac remote control every day this is a major disadvantage.

This means you would need to recharge your batteries every trip.  Who wants that when there is so much else to do? 

Fun fact:
The Energizer Ultimate Lithium has achieved a world record for the longest-lasting AA battery.  

What to do if I don’t have replacement AA batteries for my Happijac Remote Control?

1. Plug the cord between the remote control and the receiver

The Happijac remote control is supplied with a plug-in coiled phone cord that goes between the remote and the receiver.  

The Happijac receiver in our NorthStar truck camper is located under the seat just inside the back door of the camper.  This makes it is accessible from the outside. 

Once plugged in, use the remote to low and raise the camper jacks in the usual way. 

2. Manual adjust each of the Happijacs individually using the crank supplied

An alternative solution is to use the crank supplied to adjust each of the jacks in turn manually.  


  1. Insert the hand crank handle into the crank socket on the jack after removing the protective weather cap. 
  2. Turn the motor release/locking lever on the jack to the down position.  This disengages the motorhead from the jack.
  3. Manually raise or lower each jack to the desired position.
  4. Return the motor release/locking lever to the up position.  This locks the jack.

How do I start my Happijac Remote Control?

Starting the remote control will also start the receiver in the truck camper. 

Do these two steps:

  1. Start the remote by simultaneously pressing the All Up and All Down buttons. 
  2. Then simultaneously press the buttons at the top labeled ACC. IN and ACC. OUT.  This will activate the receiver. 

The status indicator light on the remote will turn green.

You require both the remote control and the receiver to be operating to control the Happijacs. 

If the indicator light is orange, that shows that the receiver is operational but in idle mode.

How do I reset my Happijac Remote Control?

The remote control will turn off, and the light will go out on your Happijac remote control if it is not in use for two minutes.  

The Happijacs can be idle for two minutes when loading and unloading as we try to get the truck and camper in the correct position.  It often takes a few goes. ?

In this instance, both the remote and the receiver will shut down. 

1. Reset the remote by simultaneously pressing the All Up and All Down buttons. 

2. Reset the receiver by simultaneously pressing the ACC. IN and ACC. OUT buttons.

Happijac remote control maintenance

Store the remote control in a dry place away from moisture. 

Do not leave remote outdoors or in outside compartments when not in use. 

If you haven’t used your remote control for some months, charging the batteries before your next trip may be a good idea. 

While there are several options if your batteries fail during loading or unloading your camper, I like to be prepared by knowing that my batteries have enough juice to do the job.

Loading and unloading our camper is still new to us and can often be stressful so knowing I have the right equipment reduces my anxiety and makes for a happy marriage. ?

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