DIY Rod Holder for RV & Truck Camper – No Tools, Cheap & Easy

One massive advantage of our truck camper for fly fishing trips is being able to hang our made-up rods from the ceiling, saving time and effort whenever we want to fish.

The solution to hanging fly rods in the camper ceiling was easy with purchasing two simple items from the local hardware store.   We paid less than $15 to secure our fly fishing rods and installed them in less than 10 minutes – without needing any tools! 

Now we can safely store our rods and move to the next fishing site instantly.

Step-by-step instructions for installing a rod holder – without tools

Step 1.

Purchase these two items. 

  1. Command Cord Bundler
  2. Spring clamp

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Like many Command products, the Cord Bundlers are self-adhesive for easy application to the ceiling.

The plastic spring clamps help secure the rods without any fear of damage.

Step 2.

Find a location on the ceiling of your camper where the rod, complete with reel, can hang without obstruction. 

Two things to note:

  1. You need to be able to get your rods in and out of the camper without turning any corners. 
  2. Be careful to find a place where you will not hit the tip on any hard surfaces as you enter.

Be aware of things that might get in the way:

  • Open cupboard doors
  • Your head
  • Fridge door
  • Light fittings
  • Dropdown beds

Step 3.

Secure one Command Cord Bundler onto the ceiling to hold the rod tip.  

(Follow the instructions for applying the self-adhesive tape and bundler clip.) 

The rod tip should slide through the loop, about 12-24 inches from the tip. (Our rod tip holder sits in a space between the cupboard and the smoke detector.)

Step 4.

Secure a second Command Cord Bundler onto the ceiling at the heaviest spot of the rod grip, near the reel.  

The Cord Bundlers will be set cross-ways to the length of the rod, so the loop wraps around the rod.

Add a third Command Cord Bundler loop halfway along the rod for a heavy rod or extra safety. 

(Wait 30 minutes before putting the rod in the Cord Bundlers so the self-adhesive tape can set fast.)

Step 5.

Carefully insert the rod into the tip loop, secure the rod grip by wrapping the other cord bundler loop around the handle near the reel.

Step 6.

Finally, apply the Spring Clamp around the cord bundler loop and the rod grip – to stop the rod or loop from working lose while driving. 

Rod holder Command Cord Image
Cord bundler wraps around the rod grip.

Rod holder with clamp clipped on image
Spring clamp applied over cord bundler on rod grip.

Cord bundler on the tip end of rod.

You are done!   Our rods have never come loose using this method, even when taking our 4-wheel drive camper over very rough riverbank tracks.

Alternatives for hanging a fishing rod in an RV?

I’ve given instructions for hanging a rod on the ceiling, which is often the best because that is where you’ll find a space without obstructions, such as windows or cupboards.  But, there are options.


In a large camper, you may have a wall with enough space to hang a rod horizontally using this method.


The shower could be a good option for storing rods, vertically.  Simply apply the Command Cord Bundler at 90 degrees to the rod.RV storage garage

Many RV’s have a large storage area or garage under the bed that is ideal for hanging rods.  

On the bed

Some men are so in love with their rods that they like to store them on the bed.  That’s an option, but don’t forget it’s there when you lie down after a long day on the road!

Extra tip for hanging your rod in a small space

If the walls or shower do not have a long enough open space, consider breaking the rod (with reel attached) into two parts at the middle ferrule.  

Wrap a hair tie or cable tie around each end to keep the two parts together.  

Now secure the rod on the wall or ceiling with Command Cord Bundlers.

Why is it essential to secure rods when traveling in an RV?

Breaking the tip of a fly rod is the most common accidental damage.  (That’s why you can buy rods that come with a spare tip.) 

Rods made of carbon fiber are highly efficient for casting, but it is precisely those qualities that make them very easy to break.  

Also, rods are damaged easily by unintentional impact.  An impact can create a weak point that may not show up initially.  

Only when you are landing a big trout, your rod might suddenly give way.  

Lastly, how many rod tips have you broken by sitting or standing on them?

Alternatives to Command Cord Bundler and Grip Clamp

An alternative is the Command Broom & Mop Gripper; however, the extra security provided by using the combination of Command Cord Bundler and Spring Clamp means you never have to worry about your rod falling out of the holder. 

The Broom and Mop Gripper is a good option if you wish to store your rods vertically on the walls or in the shower – combined with a Cord Bundler to hold the rod tip.

There are lots of fishing rod holders on the market.  Some hold multiple rods hanging across the roof of your SUV, while others need fixing to walls with screws and brackets. 

Check out the many rods holders available on Amazon here. (Affiliate link.)

The best and quickest solution for storing your rod without tools

What I’ve given you here is a super, simple rod holder for less than $15 that only takes 10 minutes to fit.

Now, you can get out and enjoy more fishing.